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brand new GOODPKG™ Vibrating Face Mask

brand new GOODPKG™ Vibrating Face Mask brand new GOODPKG™ Vibrating Face Mask brand new GOODPKG™ Vibrating Face Mask brand new GOODPKG™ Vibrating Face Mask
Product name:brand new GOODPKG™ Vibrating Face Mask
vibrating face mask
vibration face mask

 1) The world first vibrating mask for face massage
 2) It helps to maintain face skin healthy by its massage function
 3) 5,000 vibratins per minute, it helps to open pores and  maximize the effect of functional  cosmetics. 
 4) Appying moisturing cream on skin, skin can be more elasticity  
 5) It also helps to remove impurities and regenerate skin cells by increasing circulation to the skin naturally.
 6) It eliminates impurities not removed by cleasing form and helps the production of collagen.
 7) It helps to get rid of skin stress and refresh the skin by repeated contraction and relaxation
 8) It is the best facial mask ever to manage skin and pores on face.
 9) It is very easy to use since silicone which is harmless to the skin is used. 
 10) The vibratiing motors in the mask are the same as those in mobile phoes. Therefore they are durable and    provide strong vibration through the thin silicon11) It provide comfort when applying it and always keeps its shape normal since the mask is composed with two     thin   silicon surface (inner surface and outter surface).
 12) It provides more number of vibration per minute, more comport when applying it and better appearance  than competitors.

3D mask→ Paste mask→ Taut mask→ Hood mask →Start the massage
vibrating face mask

Use Instructions:
1.Clean your face .Steam your face by applying a soft towel to make pores open.Apply your face 
  toner or astringent.
2.Apply your face 3D facial mask.
3.Join the massage connecting line to the mask cover and apply the cover to the 3D facial mask;
tape the tie slightly.
4.Select your favourite vibrating mode,each mode automatically massages for 5minutes and
 stops by itself.
5.after use,take off the mask cover and the facial mask;wash the mask cover with clean water 
and dry it off.
6.Use the mask cover 2 to 3 times per week for the best;the facial mask can be used every day.
7.For firsttime use,control the time within 5minutes and extend it to 10minutes after accept the 

1.Do read through the NOTES before using product.
2.Select weak vibration mode for no more than 5minutes for first-time use.
3.Do not use it for other purpose expect face massage.
4.Do not tear down this product at will;or else,damages is not within guarantee.
5.Do not use this product for wounds on the face.
6.When the red light flashing,it means the batteries should be changed yet.Please 
remove all the batteries in same time.If not use it for a long time,please remove the

Please refer the Youtube for full vidio.


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